2nd Grade

The development of digital technology at this time is very necessary, for example, there are useful videos on YouTube. Because nowadays children are more interested in learning something new, especially related to gadgets. Jari Cerdik program is a very good and creative program during pandemic. Where the role of the teacher who cannot meet directly with students because of the pandemic can be replaced by learning videos to deliver learning materials according to the student’s grade level. Here the video of Jari Cerdik really helps students to learn independently at home by listening to the material presented by the teacher, it can even be listened anytime according to the condition of the students and parents who accompanies while studying. Teachers also get extraordinary challenges and experiences in making learning videos that are creative and useful for students.

Jari Cerdik is a very helpful and useful program for all teachers, students, and parents in online teaching- learning during the pandemic. Through Jari Cerdik, the students can listen to the explanation of the material from the teacher through the learning videos.In addition, it makes easy for teachers and students to carry out the evaluations and assessments because they can do online questions.
Mrs. Rini Widiastusi, S.Pd.I
The teacher of MIN 1 Madiun City
The online learning by utilizing internet access is very suitable to be applied during a pandemic like now. Jari cerdik is the best solution for the challenges of the educational changing situation due to the pandemic. Besides, Jari Cerdik is very inspiring for other schools that apply online-based learning.
Mr. Cholik Machmud, S.Pd
The physical education teacher of SMPN 3 Kota Madiun
Jari Cerdik consist of the learning tools that are needed the students now. The student will get the knowledge and material although they’re not in the classroom. They can learn the lesson wherever and whenever.
Mrs. Murtiningsih, S.Pd
The kindergarten teacher of PAUD Ceria Madiun