3rd Grade

Jari Cerdik is no less important for students and teachers of 3rd grade. Jari Cerdik presents a variety of learning videos that are useful for parents in accompanying students to study at home which the material is increasingly difficult. Parents really appreciate the existence of this program because the learning videos consist of all subjects in all material units. It’s so very detailed. It doesn’t stop there, Jari Cerdik also presents material during the month of Ramadan, the material about religion delivered by the teachers of MIN 1 Madiun City. Jari Cerdik also broadcasts the videos of important event that held MIN 1 Madiun City. Jri Cerdik program can be called a complete package of school programs that are presented online and can be played back anywhere and anytime through the youtube channel MIN 1 Madiun City.

I believe that my friends, say Jari Cerdik is the best. Because it’s very helpful to students getting knowledge, culture and basic through video learning, and the important thing, Jari Cerdik is free
"I really appreciated all my child Subject with Jari Cerdik. I am a housewife with three children, so it’s little bit hard to me to conduct my first son to study, but I don’t feel worry, jari Cerdik from MIN 1 Kota Madiun is the solution. The video learning is very helpful for my son. It’s easy to understand. I strongly recommend Jari Cerdik to parents who wants support encourage children to study ,get Islamic knowledce, and culture."
Parents (a doctor)
I have a problem in understanding about basic islam in elementary school. It’s hard to me to teach my daughter about it, but Jari cerdik helps me to get Islamic knowledge for students. So, I can train my daughter to understand it. it’s free to access, just need good internet network.