Sajian Kuliah Ramadhan (SAKURA) is a program that provides knowledge of the basic Islam to the public, especially students. This program is launched every Ramadan with the aim that Ramadan is filled by learning Islamic knowledge.
The content in this program is basic Islamic knowledge based on moderate Islamic teachings and rahmatan lil ‘alamin. So that this program is also useful for introducing religious moderation activities. Because by understanding moderate Islam, it is unavoidable to avoid extreme understandings that contradict the teachings of Islam itself.

What They Say

“The Sakura Program can increase the symbols of Islam. It can implement about the glory of the month of Ramadan both in the school environment itself and generally. It can raise the name of MIN 1 Madiun City in the general public. In addition, it can reduce the negative impact of using gadgets.”

Mr. Syamsuri, S.Pd.
The Islamic Schoolar

“The Sakura Program  which broadcasts the tausiyah of ustadz/ustadzah of MIN 1 Madiun City which contains religious material is very good and useful because the religious material presented is very diverse and God willing. Beside, it can add the knowledge for the wider community, especially for the teacher, students and parents of MIN 1 Madiun City who listened to the program.”

Mrs. Lisa Nety Agnesia, A.Md. Keb
The health worker

“The Sakura Program is very useful for us. It can be played wherever and whenever. The program makes people get the knowledge about Islamic. If usually the tausiyah program are broadcast by television stations, now MIN 1 Madiun City is able to broadcast the tausiyah program by empowering the teachers. That’s so amazing !.”

Nurul Aliyah, S.Ag
The teacher of MIN 1 Madiun City