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Jari Cerdik is a project that provides educational, Islamic, Indonesian cultural content, and linguistic diversity. Jari Cerdik as an innovation, a creativity and a contribution of teachers, students of MIN 1 Kota Madiun, and speakers to present interesting, useful, inspiring and unique contents. The objective of this project makes society understand more about basic Islam as an identity of Madrasah or elementary school, that is crucial case to declare to people all over the world, especially children, parents and also society in general. They can also increase they knowledge of culture, linguistic, diversity, and identity of Indonesia through basic Islam in Madrasah.


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Create a literacy culture to form a creative, innovative, critical thinking, collaborative, and communicative society

“It is very important for us to open access to knowledge for anyone and anywhere. Especially knowledge for character building”

Learning Video

You can learn by simply watching class-based knowledge video content.

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Ramadhan Learning

Learning With Moodle

In addition to knowledge content that can be accessed openly through the youtube channel. We are also building a more structured access to knowledge through Moodle. It has been arranged in a structured, grouped manner and has been equipped with written material and quizzes. Anyone can learn according to their needs

Featured Class

Sajian Kuliah Ramadhan (SAKURA) is a program that provides knowledge of the basic Islam to the public, especially students. This program is launched every Ramadan with the aim that Ramadan is filled by learning Islamic knowledge.

The benefits of friendship are also not just to help expand sustenance, avoid hellfire, to get closer to the Creator. Silaturahmi is a sign of someone who believes in Allah SWT and becomes a noble creature in front of Him.

Zakat al-Fitr is the special obligatory alms paid by all Muslims at the end of the Ramadan fasting month before the Eid Al-Fitr praying. Zakat al-fitr must be paid every year at the time mentioned earlier.

Treating parents well in Islamic called birrul walidain, the meaning of the term is to give kindness or be solemn to both of them and obey their orders (except for those who are evil) and pray for them when both have died..

Learning Islamic Elementary For Everybody

As results, Jari Cerdik has three superior content, that are 1) learning materials, 2) Islamic Encyclopedias, 3) performing arts and Indonesian culture. Learning materials contain video and quiz. Then, Islamic Encyclopedia contains Tausiyah video that means this video explain about basic Islam. Performing arts and Indonesian cultural contain video by students and teachers performing.

Generally, Jari Cerdik has some impacts for society. 

What They Say

“I’m a student of MIN 1 Madiun City. For Increasing my knowledge and improving my skill in pandemic time, I just study from home, and it’s hard to me to understand the materials, but my school has solution to overcome the the student’s obstacles, that is Jari Cerdik. It’s very helpful, it makes me understand more about the material through the video and quiz in Jari Cerdik. The teacher delivers the material clearly and easy to understand..”

Kayyisah ( Sixth grade students of MIN 1 Madiun City)

I would like to show my appreciation to the teachers who have taught my son and has guided him to achieving amazing results in his study. Through Jari Cerdik. It’s amazing. It has material to study, culture and Islamic knowedge. They have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard and achieve the level where he is today! Wishing the teachers all the best in their future endeavors”


Setyo Nugroho/ parents (a pharmacist)

“Jari Cerdik gives me ease to study from home through the video and quiz. Not only that but also it provides Islamic knowledge that I can understand clearly. The video is mazing! Jari Cerdik willing to improve my knowledge whether I have home learning or face to face learning. I love it!”

Denting Alunan Mendayu ( fifth grade student of MIN 1 Kota Madiun)

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