Jari Cerdik

Jari Cerdik  provides educational, Islamic, Indonesian
cultural content, and linguistic diversity. Jari Cerdik as an
innovation, a creativity and a contribution of teachers , students of MIN 1 Kota Madiun, and speakers to present interesting, useful, inspiring and unique contents. The
objective makes society understand more about basic
Islam as an identity of Madrasah or elementary school, that is crucial
case to declare to people all over the world, especially children,
parents and also society in general. They can also increase their
knowledge of culture, linguistic, diversity, and identity of Indonesia
through basic Islam in Madrasah. Jari Cerdik has three superior content, such as 1) learning
materials, 2) , 3) 

Superior Content

 Jari Cerdik has three superior content, such as

Learning Materials

Learning materials contain video and quiz.

Islamic Encyclopedias

Islamic Encyclopedia contains Tausiyah video that means this video explain about basic Islam.

performing arts and Indonesian culture.

Performing arts and Indonesian cultural contain video by students and teachers performing.


 Generally, Jari Cerdik has some impacts for society. First, it can be
accessed easily and for free, which will greatly assist the learning


 Second, society is updated actual information regularly.


Make society more tolerant each other of culture, linguistic, diversity,
and identity. It has beneficiaries, such as youth, women, unemployment and parents too. So that, Jari cerdik is one of sources to obtain more information about basic islam in madrasah or elementary school, it can be accessed easily and free.

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